Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snuggle Time

Today was one of those days I woke up faithless. Not really because of anything inparticular, I'm just feeling very human and fleshy today.

I am having a day where I want to cuddle up in my bed, catch up on blogs, maybe take a nap, and drink some hot tea or coffee. Then, I look at my house, and realize, nope, there's no time for that...this place is in dire need of some attention! So, I made a deal with myself, and decided for part of the day, I would cuddle, and the other part organize. So far, cuddling is winning.

As I was laying here in bed, with superhero movies playing on the t.v. and while browsing some of my favorite craft websites, I began to feel a bit convicted of my laziness. Yes, I put a label on it....laziness. Yes, the day is dark and gloomy, the snow is falling beautifully, school was was indeed the perfect day to be snuggly and warm in the bed and under my favorite quilt.

"But Lord (I said in my most sweetest, innocent voice) I have already put on my favorite snuggly slipper socks."

I got up to make lunch, still having the same argument in my head, trying to justify why the day required nothing out of me. The Lord and I went back and forth until the hamburger helper was done.

I am up, getting ready to do the laundry that I have been having a stare down with all day. I will also get to a few other things around the house. Maybe work on my scrapbooking...but most importantly, I'm going to have some "snuggle time" with God later...praying He teaches me something new, and praising Him that I was able to get out of bed today!


  1. What a beautiful blog! Praying for you!

  2. Erin,
    I read this the day you posted it and was struck by your honesty and openness. I can't imagine the depths of sadness you are trying to climb out of right now. This post has been on my mind since I read it because I posted about something similar but from a completely different perspective not long ago. Regardless of our circumstances, from one mama to another, snuggle all you can. As mamas, we deserve it no matter the reason behind the desire to do so. The housework will be there when you are ready to tackle it. :)